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Unlike the whole 'MetalJesusCrew', 'The Retro Future', 'Nintendrew' 'IrchaGaming' and the like, he NEVER asks for Patreon or to send him things to his P.O. Box.

He makes Videos for the LOVE of the hobby and not to scam his fans, like 'John Hancock' and his so-called "Games Museum".



Man, you guys know a lot of mediocre to bad video game Youtubers to complain about. I just watch fun Let's Plays and cool analytical stuff mostly. I find that to be leagues better.

That being said, Scott the Woz is easily my favorite of the newer comedic game Youtubers. Like he sticks with his own odd persona perfectly, its pretty consistently entertaining and his comic timing is very good with his own schtick. Like if you can do a decent impression, enough people will know who that is (in gaming circles at least). Also occasionally he'll go into specific annoyances that are good to see brought up from the Nintendo side of things. Like how Nintendo consistently wasted the Wii U's potential or the weird history and odd reactions some people have had to 2d games vs 3d games.

Don't like his friends as much. Not for them, but more because the humor doesn't gel with me often with whatever they're going with. It's like all their characters are dumb and random and it fails to be anything. Much prefer the ones where Scott is just talking to a camera on his own.

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This seems like an odd bit of fetishizing that kind of levels any opportunity for discussion before it has a chance to begin. I mean... every YouTube creator out there has pros and cons... if someone asks you to do something like send them a contribution, does that mean you need to do it?

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I like the guy for the comedy but I do not like his taste in games. He missed on so many games that I really like and I can't relate to his rankings. That is why I do not watch his content so much these days.


Feel free to talk about this person or other youtubers you like in the Chit-Chat thread. This is a bit advertisey.

I'd advise you to think if a given topic warrants or needs having its own thread before making one, since you seem to like creating new threads. Maybe try joining other threads instead of creating a new one every time you want to talk about something?

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