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Felt like doing another one of these because creativity and me don't go together.
Same story as before, I'd like to hear how you guys'd rank the mainline games and why. I'd rather just focus on each generation as a whole, with the exception of X&Y and ORAS, which I'd say are different enough to warrant separate rankings. A little discussion is always appreciated too, so please give reasoning for your rankings if you have the time.

Happy ranking and all that.



Was thinking someone would point that out lel...

Maybe you could create a general ranking thread and switch the theme up once a week. Keeps the discussion varied and you don't have to be too creative

What a beautiful signature.

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@Meowpheel @Tsurii That's actually a really good idea, dunno how I never thought of that. Certainly better than cluttering the forums with topics that die off after a few days.

Thanks for the advice, I'll lock this and open something along those lines in a bit.



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