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Since we've got a thread for disappointments of the day, I thought I'd make a thread for positives of the day to balance things out. Yin and Yang, all that jazz.

Nothing special yet today, but I have a couple from last week. The first is the announcement of "The Last Story" for North America. This is a game I've looked forward to as much as any other for the Wii, being a collaboration between Sakaguchi and others involved with Final Fantasy in the past, including my favorite video game composer Nobuo Uematsu. I've followed news on it even before it was released in Japan and continued to check occasionally to see if it was announced for North America. Even with the announcement of Xenoblade Chronicles, I had lost hope of seeing The Last Story. So, this was a huge positive for me as a gamer!

The other came the very next day, when I found out I got a full time job I've tried hard to get, at a place where I'd worked previously. It comes at a time when things are dire here financially, so it's as big a positive as I've had in ages (my job search had been one huge disappointment). Of course it does mean WORKING, which goes against the grain with me, LOL.

So, now you guys and gals! Positive and happy stuff, people!

Let's attack aggressively, kupo! :D

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My dog just had puppies.... Well, it's only one actually.


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Beat another level 100% on Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's Island again today. Everyday I do this it feels like a fricken' holiday.

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zezhyrule wrote:

Positive? I'm not sure I get you... Like, good things that happen in your life? Yeah I'm lost here.

That ^





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My Positive was seeing the disappointment thread and deciding not to post in it because it would have ended up being a three mile long word wall.

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Coming home from 3 hours of doing absolutely nothing in play practice to George Forman burgers ready for me.


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No more big homework after spring break.

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Well, I'm still breathing. I'm not sure if that's a positive or a disappointment though.

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Brownies. Nuff said.



Got a call today and now I have a job interview tomorrow. Still deciding whether this is a god thing or not because it may clash with my other job, but...I'll work it out as it goes.


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Well, I successfully modded my first smartphone, so now it runs smoother. And now, I can play Sonic CD much more smoothly than before. Of course, not even mods can save it from the controls- which is why I stand by physical buttons are required for games like these. Bar. None.



Came home for a surprise steak dinner... So any disappointment that day was nullified even if I failed one of my midterm tests. Do not underestimate the power of a home cooked meal made with love. Oh also, I'm getting paid to trade one of my games... so thats a plus.

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Geno joined my party in Mario RPG last night...should be at the Yo'ster island this evening.....if i can get out of work...

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I played black ops again.

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