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Hi everyone !!
So i have decided that I want to buy that nee 3DS that came out with the free pokemon red and blue game (changeble faceplates)

I have not played any pokemon games past Pokemon Ruby .. And was waiting for pokemon go which I will still get but it wasn't what I expected it to be.
Anyways i like the new ds rather than the xl because its smaller and idk nicer to hold and play pokemon games.

My question is since I haven't played pokemon in so long whats a good place to start ? I have a copy of Pokemon Y .. Should I start there ? Or should I just get the new pokemon omega ruby? Will it be the same as the ruby game I played ? Or different experience? Is the multiplayer still active ?

Thats the main thing bringing me back I want to be part of the multiplayer but since im so late into the game will there be too many pro players ?

Not sure if others can share their thoughts

Thanks you !!




One thread is enough...and even then, we have a recommendations thread for this...

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