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Though the title might be a little intrusive and misguided, I had to put something to catch the eye of the general Nintendo community member. As you could see by the title but not yet completely learned, this forum topic is about the Zelda 64 beta. I have created a petition to send to Nintendo that will (hopefully) attempt to get some of the oh-so hidden beta data files released to the general public.

Now you may be asking... Why bother with this? It's just going to be another failed attempt to get that golden treat we want that we most likely will NEVER end up getting.

-Well first off... Stop being so pessimistic. The goal here is to CHEER us up and try! We will group as a community who want one common goal to TRY!!!<<<--- to get something done.

If you could dearly just sign the petition, that would be more than wonderful and I would like to personally thank you if you do.



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