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Most recent game I have beat: Super Mario Odyssey (Not 100%, just got to the credits roll, I will 100% it sometime though)

My thoughts?

This game was in my backlog for several months. I came back to it after not playing it since March, and I really didn't realize how far I had made it. Went back to it last weekend and........ Within two days, I beat it. Really good game, If you haven't played it yet, then what are you waiting for? Mother 3 Localization? C'mon, play it!

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@d0nkeyk0ng_jR Honestly, the best content in the game only comes after the credits roll. I wasn't gaga over the game when I first beat it, but my time with the post-game really changed my mind about it. It's my second-favorite 3D Mario.

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@Ralizah I see what you mean, I feel like the postgame is keeping me far more engaged than with the main game.

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Ralizah wrote:

Honestly, the best content in the game only comes after the credits roll. I wasn't gaga over the game when I first beat it, but my time with the post-game really changed my mind about it. It's my second-favorite 3D Mario.

I had the literal opposite experience. It felt like an awesome 20 hour game that then just refused to end for some reason. Granted, that was more based a dumb decision for how I would play the post-game and the pacing then the actual content being disappointing.

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I reached the end credits of Metroid Dread this past weekend. 15+ hours on my save file (Normal mode) because I insisted on getting 100% on items beforehand. XD This is an excellent, excellent Metroid game....Probably one of the better ones IMO. Plenty of upgrades, (mostly) tight controls, crazy boss fights, some genuinely challenging puzzles (more on that in a moment), AMAZING music, and an interesting plot, minimal though it was.

Complaints....I liked the E.M.M.I. at first and thought they ticked all the right boxes on paper. However, I think these encounters interfere with the pacing of the game...ESPECIALLY the later/more difficult encounters. Seriously, screw the purple one....The others weren't nearly as much of a pain. Next, the Shinespark ability. This is a fun one...when it works. I've had issues with it when it's used throughout the series. It can take a very long time to get the timing just right to solve some puzzles, not to mention some of the game's systems (doors, breakable blocks, automatically using screw attack instead of regular jumping, etc.) serve to make this more difficult in order to beat the time limit for this ability.

Overall, despite those gripes, this is an amazing Metroid title and is easily recommended.

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I recently replayed Pokémon Y (haven’t played it in a little over 3 years) and I really enjoyed myself. It was a really fun experience without the Exp. Share and Mega Evolution. Delphox remains my favorite starter and the Music is still great as always. It was still a bit easy though and I don’t really like Team Flare but it was great. (8/10)

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Kermit1 wrote:

@d0nkeyk0ng_jR I'm waiting for Mother 3 so I can 100% it.

I have already played mother 3 but am waiting for ODDITTY/MOTHER 4 and deltarune chapter 3 so I can 200% them lol.

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I just beat Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All, and I absolutely loved it. I think I enjoyed it slightly less than the first game, but I still thought it was awesome. All of the new characters introduced, especially Franziska von Karma are super memorable and fun to get to know. The storylines were all fantastic, especially the last case, holy CRAP. Probably my second-favorite case in the series so far, right behind the final case of the first game.

I have two slight complaints, though. The first is that this game feels significantly harder than the first. It seemed to me like a lot of the clues weren't super clear as to when I needed to present evidence, which is something I rarely felt in the first game. I needed to use a walkthrough way more in this game than in the first. I still really enjoyed the storyline and everything, but it felt a little less rewarding overall as a result. The second complaint is the music. It's pretty solid overall, but nowhere near as good as the first game's if you ask me. I would've preferred if they had just reused some of the songs from the first game instead, as some of the new songs were actually a bit grating to me.

But these are two issues in what is otherwise another superb entry in the Ace Attorney series. I cannot wait to play Trials and Tribulations, then the entirety of Great Ace Attorney Chronicles... sigh I was not expecting to get this invested in the series. It's just TOO GOOD.


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The most recent game I beat was Super Mario Land on Expert mode. To this day, it's such a fun little Mario game that has a certain charm you can't find in any other game in the series besides it's direct sequel Super Mario Land 2.

It was fun to play this one again and beat it on expert mode!

Plus, I can't end this without praising Super Mario Land's soundtrack which is one of the best in the entire Mario Series. Especially the ending theme, which is one of the best tracks on the Game Boy.

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Well on this Capcom Fighting Collection, I beat Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge. My initial attempts at Darkstalkers 1 made me think it was gonna be a while before I beat any of these games, but uh, guess not. Not gonna pretend I entirely knew what I was doing the whole time, but pleasantly surprised I even beat one campaign once for these (as short as they are, being an old school fighting game).

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Castlevania II Simon's Quest beaten with the best ending



The last game i finished was Resident Evil 7 in VR. The first half was pure nightmare fuel.
This is the last RE game that I'd ever want to replay(You couldn't get me to play through it in VR again, no way. once was enough for this brave soul), because it's that depressing, unsettling, scary, grimey and it smells of Hill billy swamp doo doo. The second half wasn't very good either, but the first? Excellent stuff! Yet It doesn't 'feel' like an RE game, it is it's own breed, but at the same time was clearly influenced by the P.T. Demo.

Speaking of replaying RE games. I can't do it either with 1, 2, 3, CV, Remake or 0, simply because to me they just haven't aged well, they're stubborn to get with the times and ultimately wind up feeling like a product of their time. Maybe, just maybe....if they eliminated the 5-6 second 'suspense' building loading doors and made them open quickly in real time like current RE games, had them all running in 60fps, and gave you the ability to walk forward and backwards drawing your weapon & shooting. QOL adjustments including slightly faster shooting, 360 degree turn, crouching to pick up an item and whatever else would be great too. Out of all of the traditional RE games that sprinkled the mid to late 90's & very early 2000's, i feel like RE3: Nemesis has aged the best strictly in terms of controls & combat.

Another thing I wanted to mention, is that the RE Remake remaster's environments just don't look as good as the environments in the RE0 Remaster, and I've read that's because Capcom lost the assets to Remake, plus RE0 was known for having the edge in visuals even back on the gamecube. With Remake remaster, Environemnts at times look blurrier, nasty and botched(Shark Tank, shed save room etc), and are totally inconsistent from one another. This is why i find playing remake on the Gamecube or Wii(Archives version) the definitive way to experience it.

RE0 remaster on the other hand is great though, in terms of quality, weather it's in a zoomed in cropped widescreen or 4:3, the environments look beautiful, detailed, consistent and sharp. it's not a good RE game mind you, but the widescreen support, remastered visuals and being able to play it on a big 65" OLED bump up the experience quite a bit. It's typically railed on for it's lame villian(and rightfully so), Rebecca cringe chambers being the lead, Billy being a forgettable and bland side character, having to deal with controlling two characters, the double item management system and semi generic enemies & bosses and underwhelming locations after the train. It's at the bottom with Code Veronica as far as traditional RE games go, but it's still worth playing. It's like a super weak 7 in my eyes, maybe even a 6.5.

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Just beat Mario 64 for the first time, was quite a ride!

Having first seen this game in Toys ‘R’ Us back in 1996, it blew my tiny little mind. Playing through it now I can see how amazing it was for its time, granted, it can be rough in spots now (that camera, argh!), but it was still enjoyable and each level was crammed with neat little secrets and routes. It can be punishingly difficult at times too, didn’t expect that after the breeze that Odyssey was!


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