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Figured it'd be nice to have a thread where users can discuss various promotional sweepstakes where games consoles can be won. Hey, your chances may be small, but someone's gotta' win! (Even I won a mid range prize from a Pepsi promotion a few years ago).

Anyhow, for their current summer promotions (2017), both Pepsi & Frito Lay are giving away Switch consoles, and Kellogs is giving away Xbox One S consoles. (these are all US promotions by the way).

With all above promotions you can play once a day without a purchase, but the Pepsi one is the only one that allows you to do so through their website. With the other two, you actually have to mail in physical entry requests.

If I see any new sweepstakes giving away game consoles, I'll bring them up (Taco Bell always seems to give away something Playstation related in the autumn), and you can too if you see any I haven't mentioned. Good luck!

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Frito Lay give us Switch ??

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