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What are your favorite Switch eShop games so far?

Personally, I can't seem to put Celeste and Steamworld Dig 2 down, even though I beat them more than once. Sonic Mania is also a joy to play IMO.




im creep out with thoese eyes... :P

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@Winklebottom I wished there was more single player content in it, but I had loads of fun with it with friends. Definitely my favorite multiplayer Switch game.



I'm more of a physical copy kind of person, but have picked up a few digital games on a whim inbetween big purchases, and out of those few Shantae: Half Genie Hero is my favorite, but I've enjoyed the others as well (also really like Zero Gunner 2).

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Still Thumper.

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@Joeynator3000 Is it really that good? It's been on my radar for quite a long time.

@RR529 I usually use that same strategy of checking out Indies between big releases. Half Genie Hero was pretty great, but not really my favorite Metroidvania on Switch.



@Kiolu100 One of my favorites, just....don't use the Joycons. (buttons are too small, there's a lot of "holding the button down" moments in the game, lol)

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Portal Knights.
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Do I even have to say it?

Stardew Valley

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@Joeynator3000 Guess it's finally time to pick up a Pro Controller. Thumper sounds like a blast, I'll get it sometime soon to try something new that isn't another hard Metroidvania game.

@Anti-Matter Looks a bit generic to me, but it looks like it could be pretty fun.

@GoldenGamer88 I really need to get around to downloading Stardew. I have enough money loaded onto my account, and it looks like a game I'd spend weeks on, but there are WAY too many other games coming out and I've just never had the chance to pick it up. Hopefully someday, Stardew...



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Steam World Dig 2
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Sonic Mania, Wulver Blade, Wonder Boy the dragon's trap

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