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Mario Pinball Land is up there. Basically take the concept of Super Mario 64 and make it into a pinball game. The transition isn’t seemless however, so it’s open to criticism involving difficulty, mechanics and repetition. But it looks really good on the GBA and it still bolstered creativity for a Pinball Adventure.


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Superman 64... Umm... Should I show myself out the door?

I actually did have some fun with Superman 64 and I don't believe its the worst of the worst games out there but I do think its bad in many ways.

I actually love Dungeon Hearts on Steam which based on Mobile game... well let's say PC master race do not want mobile games even they don't have to buy them.

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I can't really think of any downright 'bad' games I've ever played. I'd always research games I was interested in before buying them to reduce the chance of me being disappointed. At worst, I've mainly played "medicore" games.

Games that come to mind include Croc: Legend of the Gobbos, Pokemon Colosseum/XD and Digimon Racing. I remember having fun playing those games as a kid, but when you end up playing so many other games that turned out way more exciting and memorable, these games turn out to be mundane in comparison. I don't think I'd ever go back to playing them.



Skyward Sword is considered bad?

Are we talking about liking these games ironically or unironically? There are some bad games I’ll play purely for the lulz like The Letter. Others, like Rugrats Scavenger Hunt, have good things in them that for me make the hate less warranted.

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I liked Devil's Third in a mindless sort of way.




I don't think Pokemon for Gamecube are terrible to be honest. If so then more power to me and you.

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Star Trek conquest for the wii. Got destroyed by critics and scored less than 50% on metacritic. Didn’t stop me getting addicted to the game and probably racking up a couple of hundred hours play time by the time I completed every difficulty with every race. Something about that game got me hooked.

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Yoshi's Series and most "Indie" games that the press loves are probably the worse of the bunch for me.

I must admit that I secretly enjoyed Prince of Persia: Warrior Within for the mindless slaughter factor, and really enjoyed the Prince of Persia reboot on Xbox 360. I was sad when I found out that the Prince of Persia reboot what dropped for Assassin's Creed.

Recently, I enjoyed the stupid mindlessness of games like Tank! Tank! Tank! and Lost Reavers probably a lot more than the most did.


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I thought people like Dragon Ball Xenoverse though? Its just the minority complaining about the hacking in online.

I think a lot more people actually like City Folk than we realized but again we are minority on Nintendo Fan site.

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As a long-term Dynasty/Samurai warriors fan I guess I could list the entire series here and be done? Although they do seem to have become marginally more popular recently, maybe due to Hyrule/FE warriors?

Main shout for me will be ‘Alpha Protocol’ - a broken mess in some respects but it had some seriously awesome stuff in it & real consequences for choices you made - I’ve got a lot of love for Obsidian, their games don’t always get the praise they deserve because they can often be rough around the edges but they often have amazingly different/innovative stuff inside!

paihia wrote:

Im opposite in that I seam to hate the games that everyone else loves like odyssey & botw but I wont go on. Im not a troll..

Weird, I often find myself in that position & would also use those as 2 good recent examples!



link3710 wrote:

The one that comes to mind is Geist, I absolutely adore that game. But I know in my heart it's not that good of a game, despite everything. Still one of my favorite gamecube games, and man did that system have a lot of good games.

Completely agree about Geist. Loose controls, a choppy frame-rate, and inconsistent AI, but the core concept was so good I loved it anyway.

Heavy Metal: Geomatrix on the Dreamcast was a dumb game I played the heck out of. I feel like Capcom took the Spawn Arcade game, which wasn't great to begin with, and made a sequel with half the budget and a less popular licence. And yet, you get the right group of people together (maybe add a little alcohol) and you'll have a great time.


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I like Fortnite.

Distant booing can be heard

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Super Mario Ball / Mario Pinball Land
Since it was already mentioned here, it probably counts. I'm not sure why people don't like this particular game. The pinball mechanics aren't the best and it doesn't look all that nice visually but I really like the structure. I've beaten it 2 or 3 times. I watched a 30 second clip of the game and now I want to play it again.

Mario Party Advance
Speaking of Mario spinoffs on GBA, I really like Mario Party Advance as well. As someone who had not played any of the previous Mario Party games, I found the game to be a fun adventure with a board game map. I didn't know it was part of a series so I had nothing to compare it to. It's nothing like other Mario Party games but it can still be fun. It's a puzzle-adventure game, not a party game.


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Aozz101x wrote:

Bad games that everyone hates, but i like?

  • Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
  • GoldenEye: Rogue Agent
  • Ironfall
  • Dead Rising 2: OTR
  • TERA
  • Koikatu (WARNING THIS GAME IS NSFW/18+!!)
  • MySims (although, i didn't really like the DS version.)
  • Photos with Mario
  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse
  • Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.
  • Animal Crossing: City Folk

What do you people consider bad games? Really. Scored under 90? Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon (2 here in Europe) is considered bad? With 85,86% on Gamerankings? Dead Rising 2 Off the Record (80%)? Dragon Ball Xenoverse (70-76%)?

This is pointless.

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Well, i really like puyo puyo Tetris. I know its not a bad game, but i know a lot of people didnt like what they spent their money on. To that i say, its Tetris and puyo wth did you expect. Anyway i really like it.



Super volley blast and stikbold a dodgeball adventure on the switch. Surprisingly fun multiplayer games. Both of which have seen sales. The volleyball game in particular saw no love with regards to news or reviews.



I enjoy the Gal Gun games. I liked Double Peace a lot more than GG2, but they were both charming and a fun way to pass the time.

I also (as some of the people on this forum probably know now) dislike a lot of popular games.

Tyranexx wrote:

Moving onto both FE: Fates games....While I haven't yet played Birthright, I enjoyed Conquest's maps and many of the characters. The story also had about as many plot holes as Swiss cheese, but it wasn't bad.

I mean, we are talking about a game where you work for your evil dad, who keeps trying to get you killed, long enough to trick him into sitting in a magic chair so that your siblings will turn on him.

Birthright's plot is nothing special, but compared to Conquest...

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