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Hey guys,
I'm new here, and I'm not entirely sure the in's and out's of forums and this site in particular. I only registered on a whim and as my username suggests, I should be studying since exam's just around the corner. I have a really long break afterwards which I plan to purchase a 3DS and indulge myself with it's offerings. I'm mainly a playstation gamer and I occasionally play on PC. My first console was the GBA and it's been quite a while since I've touch a nitendo console. I was hoping some of you guys could soften the blow of forking over 200$ for the 3DS by convincing me of my purchase. I dislike most well known nitendo exclusives (mario,zelda) except pokemon. At this point in time, I've been eyeing Monster Hunter 4U being a fan of MHFU on the psp clocking around 400 hours on my primary save. Might be getting smash brothers just for my favorite character - cloud strife and possibly a pokemon game somewhere down the line.

I need a second opinion on which version of the 3DS to get. As well as game recommendations. Preferably hard games ( ala dark souls and bloodborne), rpgs, games with satisfying story and maturity though I don't mind an all ages game. Buying a console for just 3 games is a bit of a downer but I'm a sucker for Monster Hunter. Looking forward to be a part of the nitendo family again and hopefully settle on a good community of gamers that respect each other's opinions and not bash their console of choice.



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