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okay so, i've found a somewhat knockoff gbc on ebay real cheap (gb boy colour) which supposedly works pretty darn amazing compared to a real gbc with similar build quality. as of now, i'm saving for a 2ds + a game. i really don't care about bells and whistles and i also like the game selection of both consoles. i get that i could emulate (although i dont like modding consoles tbh) gameboy games that aren't on the vc. so really, its kind of neck and neck for me... oh. and pawn shops. thats a good way to get old games.

(also, price comparison for people who want it: gb boy = $56.98-ish aud (with game), 2ds = $149 aud)

so yeah, gbc or 2ds? are there any specific pros and cons you would want me to look out w/ these specific consoles? does anyone even have the gb boy colour, if so, can you give me your personal opinion?


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You already have access to almost all the important GB/C games on the 2DS.

No need to mod.

The GBC was my childhood, but I would take the 2DS over it anyday.

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With GBC you can play GB and GBC games. With 2DS you can play 3DS, DS, NES, GB, GBC and GG (Game Gear) games. It should be pretty easy choice. As already mentioned, you can get most of the important GB/GBC games on 2DS too so it's a battle between wanting to have access to all the other GB/GBC games too or access to more modern games + NES and GG games. I personally love my 3DS. It's easily my favorite console of all time.


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