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I, like many, hate getting spoiled on some games. Unless it's a game I'm sure I don't want to play, I try to avoid everything about it.

This applies to leaks as well. Hours before the Nintendo Direct in 2021, a New Kirby (Forgotten Land) game was leaked on Nintendo's website. Nintendo Life was quick to report on it, spoiling the the artwork made for it. I, a simple twitter user, was checking my Notifications, when I saw that Nintendo Life's twitter had posted the article, with the game's artwork front and center. I was happy for a new Kirby game, but I would have rather waited for the direct to see official stuff for it. This could be entirely my fault, I now know to stay off of Twitter before a direct, but I was still upset about it.

So here's my suggestion: If Nintendo accidentally reveals a new game in a pre-existing series again, could you, instead of using the artwork for the new game, instead use art from a previous game in said series? Example: If a New F-Zero is accidentally revealed, use the box art from F-Zero GX or F-Zero Climax for the thumbnail, then have the artwork for the new F-Zero later in the article.

(or just not report this stuff entirely, idk, it's up to you guys)

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@Z-Core generally speaking we'll try to avoid having spoilers in the headlines/images where possible. However, I think there will certainly be some that slip through the net... especially when trying to report on things quickly. We can't promise to /never/ have spoilers for leaks because part of what we do is report up to date news, which leaks are included, but as I said we do try to minimise this where possible.

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