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I love punch out, very, very much. I really think there needs to be a new one to come out either for the switch or the 3ds. Yes I know everyone is begging for a new F-zero and I'd be extremely happy if Nintendo really announced it. It's just that I just want all the old school Nintendo feeling on a new platform you know? What are your opinions on this topic? Do you think you're ready for a hard and gritty match champ?


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I think ARMS takes its place now.



@DTMOF84 Not really, there's room for both Arms and Punch Out. That would be like saying Zelda has taken Mario's place.

Honestly with the Switches sales I wouldn't be at all surprised to see a new entry in the Punch Out series.

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A new Punch-Out is certainly a possibility. But in today's market, I think Nintendo would have to expand on the game modes considerably. A $50 or $60 price tag for such a simple game like we got on the Wii wouldn't fly anymore I think.


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Not sure how well the Wii one sold but if it done OK then it's possible they'll make a new one. Punch Out Arcade is coming eventually, if that sells well then the chances of a new entry is even more likely.

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A new Punch-Out that uses HD rumble would be great. I loved the Wii one, hopefully we see a new one on Switch.

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