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The amazing team has been pretty much putting out a new group YouTube Nintendo rundown every week. I unfortunately just don't have time to sit and watch. Would be, as Alex says "blooming fantastic" if you could just take the audio track and post it to a podcast aggregator site.

This way I could have some sweet fresh Nintendo Life takes while I am driving around town or doing housework. Would really love a great pod to listen to when NVC is over each week ūüėČ.



Podcasts are becoming more and more popular now. I even watch some YouTube channels that either have a podcast spinoff, or offer their actual videos as podcasts (usually video essays). I think it would be a fantastic idea, since Alex, Zion and new addition Felix (welcome!) have very commanding and compelling voices, it could really work out.

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@dcstud so, this is something we've discussed last year and we're interested in making some of our discussion videos available in a podcast format. We just need to figure out some of the logistics first though but it's quite possible it'll happen. Watch this space.

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Good to hear. Thank you for letting me know.



I would absolutely love to see this.

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