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Hey, I am TheBlackKnight and I am here to have a place to stay. Also after I graduate college, I am planning on making a franchise exclusive for Nintendo called Black Knight, a hack and slash game inspired by DMC and Bayonetta.

In Black Knight, the main character is Victor, a boy who has been chosen to be a hero by the Goddess Blade to fend off the demons. However, his life changed when he was corrupted by a demon, thus stripping the Goddess Blade of its holy power due to the soul connection. He was abandoned by his family as he was deemed worthless and unable to seal away the demons in time, but the one person who still stayed by his side was his guardian angel, Calvin. The two spend the rest of their lives trying to kill off the demons to minimize the casualties since there is no holy power to seal them away.

For the gameplay, it is pretty much what I said, a Hack and Slash. Victor is equipped with a scythe used for long range attacks and he has the ability to shoot balls of demonic energy from his palms for projectile attacks. In games like DMC, there was no way to involve regular attacks with your projectile bullets. However, in this game, you actually have the ability to have your physical attacks interact with your ball attacks. Here is an example:

X = Scythe attack
Y = Ball attack


Victor slashes his scythe 2 times and launches a ball as soon as you press Y. At the right time, press X again to slash your scythe to shatter the ball into fragments. Press X the last time to twirl your scythe like a wheel to make the shards of the ball fly towards the opponents.

Other than that, it is a platformer adventure too with aspects of horror in it. Throughout the story, you will receive upgrades that will help you on your journey.

More info will be talked about later, so what do you think of this? I hope I have a good time staying here

Black Knight, next Nintendo franchise


Welcome to the site @TheBlackKnight a few things for you to be aware of we have a thread specifically for new users to introduce themselves here this is to prevent the forums becoming too cluttered with personal introduction threads, also if you would be so kind as to familiarise yourself with the rules of the forums and site here that would be a great help. Hopefully you will enjoy your time here.

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