Topic: Worst DS/DSi/DSiWare Game You've Played?

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@Vinny: Ah, I see. I also looked up the review here, and it wasn't very positive. I was hoping for a Wario Land type game, but it seems this isn't really what I'm looking for.

Thanks for saving me a few Rupees!

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System Flaw Recruit is the worst Game i ever bought for the Nintendo DSi.
Terrible Gameplay and repetetive as hell.

I also can't stand Pokémon Dash. That's the most boring and uninterresting Pokémon Game i've ever played.



Lego Nijago Ds Not just beacuse of the graphics it's super confusing to make your guy do certain stuff!



101 Pinball World.

If this doesn't convince you I'm not sure what will:

Edit: Oh dang, didn't realize this was a Zombie thread. Still though, this game makes Thrillville look like Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 so I guess it's good I got to update my worst DSi experience.

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@mystman12 What's a zombie thread?

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