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Hotel Dusk and The Last Window.

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Tyranexx wrote:

  • Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime - I admittedly haven't played this one yet as I'm waiting for a trip to come along (Thanks 2020), but it's supposed to be a decent RPG DQ spin-off. It's aimed at a younger audience, but there's a lot of fun to be had if feedback I've read elsewhere is any indication.

To add to this, I've actually been playing this one recently and can attest that it is, indeed, a fun game! Though it's more an action game vs. a RPG. There are plenty of nods to the main game series, especially to Dragon Quest VIII. One doesn't need to have played that to enjoy this title however. Plenty of puns, whimsy, a fun collecting mechanic, tank battles are a blast, and the plot, while arguably not serious, is a riot.

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  • Digimon World DS
  • Front Mission (don't think anyone has mentioned this one yet)
  • Infinite Space
  • Fighting Fantasy: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (very rare)

Plenty of others that have been mentioned time and again. Small flex, I have physical copies of the first three



Diamond Trust of London is pretty hidden. It's a small tabletop-like game from Jason Rohrer, pretty well known indie developer, he built it specifically for DS and has distributed physical cartridges through dedicated kickstarter campaign.
It's a neat little strategy game you play locally with another DS player (it supports local download play), where you both try to outwit each other in a guessing game 'who bribed whom' while trying to maximize your profit with selling diamonds on the London market.
Good stuff if you can get your hands on the copy since it was pretty limited right from the start, obviously. According to KS page it had 1,3k backers so presumably only 1,3k copies were manufactured as a result.

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Does Dark Spire count as hidden? I love that game.

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@Dogorilla Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes is incredible. Honestly, it's one of my favorite games. I own it on DS, Steam, and PlayStation. The post-DS versions are called HD, and it is a major improvement. The completely remade the visual and sound effects. Absolutely cannot recommend highly enough.



Gryffin wrote:

@anynamereally I love Jason Roher. How did I not know this existed!?

I'm pretty sure I've discovered his kickstarter page through one of his email letters he usually sends out to his previous supporters as a heads up for new upcoming games. But for this to work you probably have to sign up somewhere with your email or just buy one of his games through his website.

I first heard about him by discovering Sleep Is Death in 2010/2011 which I bought straight from the website as there was no Steam/GOG pages for it. Maybe that is how I got automatically signed up for his emails.



@anynamereally the first game I played of his was The Passage, way back in 2007 on flash. It's still a brilliant game.


  • Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2
  • Radiant Historia
  • Etrian Odyssey 1-3
  • Pokémon Ranger
  • Wario: Master of Disguise



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