Topic: How many DS systems have you purchased?

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Omega wrote:

I have the white DS Lite. I'm curious: Why do some of you have more than one of the same type? Do you worry that they break too easily? Is it some kind of fetish?

the initial question is asking about the entire household, not just ourselves. it also doesn't ask whether or not we still own them at this present time, even though some of us are providing that information voluntarily. :3

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2x DS Lite white (I traded mine in for the DSi, hubby still has his)
1x DSi blue



I have had a silver Original DS, I have a black DS Lite, and I'm planning on gettin a black DSi for my birthday.



1 Red DS Lite
I plan to get a DSi eventually. But not until a DSi specific game is released that I really want


@ hobbes...I probably would have waited too if I had one of those slick colored DS Lites. I got the white one when it first came out, so ugly and boring looking! Not to mention beat up after a few yrs! I was planning to wait until the DSiWare Shop offerings were just too irresistible, but the sweet trade-in deals sucked me in early.



I got a normal DS since launch and last week I bought a white DSi



Just the DSi



I have all three
silver DS L/R dont work can barly see the touch screen anymore....
white DS-lite starting to get a little hard to see the screen
blue DSi
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Gray DS on release. Not enough good games, sold it until better stuff came out, and got..
Blue Animal Crossing bundle. Still have it, and everything works. Saving it, as I like the color and phat style.
Crimson and Black DSL Brain Age 2 bundle with matching case. Still have it, used mostly for GBA games and letting the nephew play.
Light Blue DSi.



Bought a white DS lite, but sold it. Was going to put the money towards a DSi ($110 for a used DS lite. srsly.), but after not having it for awhile I realized that I wasn't really playing anything on it. It's not that there aren't good games on DS-- there are --I'm just not that interested in them. Plus other people have a DS when there is something I want to play, so I'm not missing out much.



One black DS Lite.

It's still fine, since I used screen protectors (but damn, those things were hard to install without getting dust under them and/or air bubbles). I'm regulary playing Mario Kart DS on it, other games are Zelda Phantom Hourglass, Tingle RPG, Metroid Prime Hunters and Pinball.

I'm thinking about getting a black DSi. However, this depends on what the DSi will have to offer in the future. If for example the new Zelda game "Spirit Tracks" will feature a stage builder for the multiplayer mode or downloadable content, which uses an SD card, and if there will be a Virtual Handheld on the DSi, I'm definitely getting one.

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A stage builder would be awesome!

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A white DS Lite and a white DSi. I love white Haha



One black DS Lite (me)
One pink DS(wife)
One black DSi(me).... kinda wish I would have gotten blue cause its the color of the Atlanta Thrashers

I didnt like the DS Phat and was still playing my 3 GBA so I waited until Lite came out to upgrade.

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1st silver DS phat- Christmas
2nd silver DS phat- Bought used for cheap from cousin
White DS lite- Christmas
Black DS lite- Impulse buy because the white got dirty easily
Gold Zelda DS lite- Because Zelda rules!
Cobalt Onyx DS lite- Didn't know what else to do with trade in credit from old games
Black Dialga/Palkia DS lite- Because it's a sweet design
White Japanese DSi- Christmas
Black DSi- Had to get on launch

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4 - one original DS which I traded in for a DS Lite, sold that one to a friend's daughter, later bought another DS Lite and I now own a DSi as well. So I currently own a (black) DS lite and a (black) DSi. I have also bought a (blue) DSi for my fiance. Collectively between the both of us we have 2 DS lites and 2 DSi's.

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The first ds in silver and the DSi in blue. I waited a long long time to upgrade, I've had the phat since launch

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I actually have 3
2 Lites (1 Black & 1 Silver Black though is my Dads for now but works too often to play it)
& 1 DSi Blue bought on launch day

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