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I have a Nintendo DS lite and I really love playing the super princess peach game but it's in Japanese and I don't understand what it is saying. If any one knows if there is a way to change it to English or any suggestions please comment.



Why don't you find the USA / PAL version ?
Search from Ebay, it might be still available.
And you cannot change the language.
Japan version will be Japanese text with No English whatsoever.

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If you bought the game without expecting to get a Japanese copy, is there a chance you bought a bootlegged copy?

I know many years ago when I lent out my US copy to my niece and she lost it, I had to look carefully on ebay to be sure I was buying from a seller stating they had a genuine replacement copy, among the wave of bootlegs (since it was only printed when it was first released early in the DS' lifespan and then not again until very late in the DS' life, there was probably a high bootleg rate between).


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