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Played a game many years ago, and now I want to experience it again. I’ve tried search engines but none worked.

It was around 2006-2011 ish

I want to say fantasy/action genre
Top/bottom view, RPG-game

You played as one person going on a journey like in pokemon, where in dungeons you would bump into “monsters/animals” you had to fight off (not catch).

I just remember specific scenes. For example: one in the ground with moles (maybe a mole-king), one in a factory with a lot of screens and a red button (maybe an spaceship took off?), and one in a big school/castle where on the loft something magic happened with a mask.

I’m so lost and I’ve looked for so long, please help a girl out!




Part of what you're describing makes me think of Magical Starsign. It's a top down RPG, in the first world you visit there's mole people with a mole king, there's a factory with a spaceship in the first world as well, and the game starts out in a magical academy.

There are a couple things that make me think this might not be that game though. The enemies you fight are random encounters, so you don't see them on the map, and the journey isn't just with one person, it's a group of people.

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@Tany0266 Was it for the DS or 3DS? I haven’t played a lot of games, but it sounds a lot like Puzzle & Dragons Z. That was 2013 though.

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Thats the one!! @Cynas

Thank you so much, I just remembered the people wrong, but the fighting thing i just described wrong, it’s exactly what you’re describing!



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