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@Eel Honestly I feel.that someone who's block has a right to know, especially if they haven't done anything to warrant a block. I mean if the mods or any staff for that matter banned my account I would get an email explaining why I was banned. It's fine if the blocker doesn't want to converse with who they block, but a staff member should out of curiosity let the user know.

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@Tasuki when a person has blocked you, and you start trying to speak to them demanding answers, it quickly becomes harassment.

Asking us would not work either, since we can't read minds, and we can't be playing telephone between users.

It just not a comfortable situation for anyone involved.

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@Tasuki Question: why does it matter?

It isn’t as if you are being banned. You simply can’t see someone’s posts… no different than social media. No one owes you an answer as both users are using the site as intended. No TOS has been broken. So all you can do is keep it moving. Most users don’t even notice or care that they have been on ignore. It doesn’t stop you from using the site but chasing down answers creeps into harassment. If you saw someone sitting at a table talking and they ignored you, would you walk up and demand they talk to you? Hopefully not, otherwise you are bothering a person that has done nothing to you. Let people be.

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@Eel I guess it's a feature that wasn't thought through then huh.

@Ryu_Niiyama Why for one if I didn't do anything wrong I would like to know what I did wrong and maybe work it out. I don't like the fact that anyone can block no one for no reason. I can understand being block if you are harassing someone or are just a jerk all around, that makes sense of course you should be blocked but to block someone for the sake of blocking, just doesn't seem right to me.

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As someone who has now amassed quite a list of people who have put them on their ignore list (lol >_<), I do think the implementation here is kinda not good?

Like, if you don't go and put the person on your ignore list yourself manually after you get ignored, you'll still get notifications of someone posting in a thread and that thread will stay as outstanding with new posts, until someone who hasn't ignored you posts, so you can refresh the thread.

Likewise, if someone is like tagged in a conversation, you're aware a conversation is happening around you that you can't see which feels kinda weird and kinda bad?

I guess all of this is kind of unavoidable, but maybe you should like autohide the person from the person you are ignoring too? Although does that become a block, I dunno? But it's pointless notifying me of new posts that I won't ever be able tosee. I also dunno if it's possible to even do, but if someone has you on their ignore list, I also think any time that person is tagged, the ignored person should just not be able to see that post either for a smoother experience.

I just think when you say mute someone on Twitter, the platform is so large, it all happens fairly seamlessly but here because the platform is quite small, so when you start getting a couple of people putting you on their ignore list it makes the experience of using the forum just kinda weird?

And I get it, be a better person or whatever so people don't ignore you but I can't help if people find me abrasive, that is just who I am and I honestly don't care if I am on your ignore list, I just think the ignored user could have a better experience. Which might be weird to say? I dunno.

Just my feedback.

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