Topic: Why on earth are people selling empty amiibo boxes?

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Every now and then when I check what amiibos are available on eBay, I come across people selling empty boxes. Why on earth would anyone sell/buy that unless it's just a scam?



Maybe people want them for display purposes? It's easy enough to open the boxes without causing too much damage so that they can still be used for display, so maybe people who for some reason don't have the box can buy it.

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I have over 30 or so amiibo and when I get them, I take them out of the box and throw it in the garbage. I do have an extra Link and Mario amiibo that I kept in the box but all the ones I have on display are not in the box.



Display purposes most likely. After I demolished my second box by accident I've thrown them away but I really like the backing to them and if i could get a panel that looks just like that, I would.

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Possibly for people who bought Japanese or European amiibo and want North American boxes for their displays. I have had to collect a few Japanese amiibo as Lucina and Robin were almost impossible for me to get otherwise. I really don't mind having a mismatched collection as the boxart is still the same and I don't plan to resell them. I open the boxes enough to remove the foil label, but keep them boxed because I think they look better that way.

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Because they can.

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because people think some amiibo are rare, therefore they think the boxes are rare and will sell for good money.

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Because people are wasting their money and think "BECUZ UGH I WANT TO!!" is a smart reason to do it. Have fun with your literal trash you paid $30 for.



I've seen people sell video game instruction booklets you find in the case. Just the instruction booklet by itself! People will try to sell anything.


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A better question is "Why on earth are people buying selfie-sticks?"
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@the_shpydar: Went to Rome last week and at every street corner there was a guy trying to sell me a selfie stick. Says a lot...
I don't understand why people would want the boxes on their own. Sure, I keep the boxes/plastic for my amiibo but that's for when I need to resell it, not because I'm some sort of hoarder...
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Probably for weird reasons.

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