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So, I'm looking for an artist who makes custom amiibos... I've seen plenty online, however I can't seem to find someone who does commissions on them.
I figured, if anything, I can just find someone who does custom figures, however I want it to match my collection and, possibly, still be usable, even if it isn't even close to the character I'm requesting.
(Example: Deku Amiibo, but it's actually Little Mac.)

Does anyone happen to know where I can find someone who does commissions, or knows an artist who can make them who is willing to make them?
I'd also like to know rates, where they live so I can figure out shipping cost, and see resume of their work to get an idea if they can do my ideas, as some can be a bit intricate versus others...

Thanks in advance for any help locating an Amiibo artist for me! I appreciate any help at this point! <3



@PricklyTrash Edit: forgive me PricklyTrash, you're thread is ok As @ThanosRexxx points out.

Unfortunately, I think this falls under the unacceptable content rule, don't discuss emulators/homebrew. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

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@WoomyNNYes You're wrong.
Amiibos or custom Amiibos have nothing to do with homebrew and/or emulators.

On a side note: it actually IS okay to discuss modding, homebrew and emulators, as long as it's not for CURRENT gen systems and as long as you don't post links to illegal game downloads.

From the community rules:

Do not discuss current gen emulators/homebrew; It is permitted to constructively discuss the use of flash carts, emulators and homebrew software when in the context of previous generation(s) hardware. We ask that you do not link to any resources for illegal copyrighted content such as where to download ROMs

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@PricklyTrash you will have better luck if you visit Etsy and directly contact the specialist or the seller and give them your ideas or what you looking for. Good luck

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