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It finally happen. I actually ordered a used Peach amiibo from Amazon Warehouse Deals. I was surprise that I spotted one from there when I regularly looking through the Nintendo products. I didn't ordered it because it was a really good deal or I really want a Peach amiibo, it was just out of curiosity. Is the figurine in Like New condition as promise? What does factory sealed even mean for the amiibo packaging that may have already been open?

I will reveal the answers to you once my package arrives and whether or not getting a used amiibo is a good idea.

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Why did you buy Peach used in the first place?

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The packaging might be damaged, so it may be factory sealed, but it technically doesn't qualify as being new.

If it's through Amazon themselves and not a third party seller, you can trust their judgment.

EDIT: It's through Warehouse Deals, which is Amazon. You'll be fine.

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Peach is super common, so just get it new- it's not worth the risk.

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My package as arrive.


The Peach amiibo looks unharmed and is safely secured inside. The box itself is noticeable opened before with the plastic edges glued back in place which I'm fine with since I'll be using the amiibo instead of displaying.


Everything turn out perfectly well. The Peach amiibo still works and her design is just as good as getting her brand new. Getting this common amiibo less than the retail price was worth the risk. I'm might even use this new found method with Warehouse Deals from foreign Amazon sites for harder to find amiibo.

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