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My name is Andi and i will write a quite long message for all of you who care to answer.
I live in Europe, bought a Nintendo Gameboy in the 90's, afterwards a GBA and played a lot of Pokemon.
Yesterday, 15 years after buying my last Nintendo gadget ( i still use the GBA regularly) i purchased a Nintendo 3DS system.
Of course i started searching for 3DS games and i stumbled across Zelda( i've heard of Zelda universe before but didn't have the chance of playing - too busy with raising my Pokemons).
Tomorrow i will borrow Ocarina of Time for 2 days from a friend to see if i like the game( and probably i will)
I also own a Wii system and discovered that you can play Game cube games and also many other games via Nintendo Virtual Console feature.
1. If i decide to play more and more Zelda games )... should i play them chronologically? I am not into graphics, i prioritize gameplay first ( so 80's and 90's Zelda games would be a blast for me ). I ask this so i can understand more easily the Zelda lore.
2. I would probably buy some physical copies ( Twilight princess for Wii; pokemon for ds/3ds etc.) What is the difference between games with "Official" and "Original" logo? I ask this because i have GBA Pokemon Sapphire Original(works like a charm after 10 years +) and i also have an official retail copy of Leaf Green which after a couple of months got its save slot bugged( cannot save the game anymore...)

Thanks in advance for all your answers,




Hey, Andi! I'll see what I can help with!

First off, the Zelda canon is a convoluted mess, so it's pretty much impossible to play them in order. There's also no real continuity between the games, so you won't miss much, either way. Just play them in order of their release, if you ask me, that's probably the most genuine experience.
As for the difference between "original" and "official", I'm not sure what you mean. If you're referring to the Nintendo seal of quality, I believe it should say "Official Seal of Quality", not "Original". If you mean something else, I'm sorry for not being of help there.

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If you want chronological order, you'll be leaping between console generations a bit. There's an official timeline, but the games aren't in order of release.

Also, most Zelda games are self-contained enough plot-wise, that you don't really need to have played an earlier game to understand the plot of a game released later. But there can be neat little connections and nods you can appreciate if you have played earlier game or two.

As for the original / Official thing.... I don't believe I've heard of that. Someone else may have some insight.

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Don't bother with chronological order, I think that's even impossible in its current state, unless you play several games multiple times. The timeline is a mess and it doesn't affect the games in any way, all the games are perfectly playable on their own. Just start with the games that appeal to you.



yep that sounds best, playing them in order of release dates. the zelda timeline doesn't really matter, the stories aren't connected, they only fleshed out the timeline because fans wanted it all to connect.

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Thank you very much for your answers!
I will probably play them as i see fit.
Regarding the seal, all ds/gameboy games have on the cartridge a seal of conformity. Some them are "Original Nintendo Seal of Quality" and some of them " Official Nintendo seal of quality". Just look on your cartridges and you will notice that the majority of them have "Original" seal. but you will also find "Official " seal. Google for images and you will understand.
Thank you and have a nice day.




@Pajeroking: From what I can tell, that's just the difference of region. Europe (PAL region) has ''Original Nintendo Seal of Quality'', whilst North America (NTSC Region) has ''Official Nintendo Seal of Quality''.

NTSC: http://940ee6dce6677fa01d25-0f55c9129972ac85d6b1f4e703468e6b....

I'm not sure if you meant that your LeafGreen had an ''Official Nintendo Seal of Quality'' sticker, but that just means that the game comes from a NTSC region. The GBA is region free, so that's why they are playable. Not every Nintendo system is, and the GameCube, Wii and 3DS certainly aren't. Always keep an eye out for the right game if you're buying used games. The vast majority of used games are just European games in Europe, but once in a while I see a NTSC copy floating around (they usually come with a warning that it is an NTSC copy though).

About the battery, the batteries in GBA games were meant to last around 10 years, I'm not sure if there is a difference in quality between the European and North American batteries, but even your Pokémon Sapphire (assuming the battery is still original) will sooner than later run out of power. Batteries can be switched, I've done so myself. I believe CR2025 lithium coin cell batteries are used in GBA games, your standard coin cell battery, you can find them in pretty much every store. Keep in mind that your save-file will most likely get disrupted if you change batteries.



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