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Mutant Mudds (Miles worse than Gunman Clive but 4 times the cost and just so boring).

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3D Classics Kirby's Adventure really does make any future re-release of Kirby's Adventure completely pointless since nobody will want to play the lag filled original now that the 3D classics version finally fixed it.

But to stay on topic, I also have to say I'm mad I bought Nightsky. I dig it for the first handful of worlds, then start to think "shouldn't this game have ended a while ago? " and then I check the world select and see there are still like, 6 worlds I haven't unlocked yet. The game easily could have been half as long and half the price, which is why I'm kind of mad at the game. It overstays its welcome and starts to feel like a really long visit with yammering relatives.

No matter what the game is, try your best to find enjoyment in it for whatever reason. Sometimes a bad game just needs a bit of a shot to the arm with the imagination of a goofball :).

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I'll probably get a lot of hate for this but I wish I didn't buy NES Metroid. I had really fond memories of it as a kid and thought I'd love it now. I beat it and was overall really disappointed. Would've rather spent my $5 on something else. Now with that being said.. I haven't made many other purchases so there isn't a whole lot of things for me to regret.


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Some of you may not agree to this, but I hate my "classic" Legend of Zelda games.

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GraphicGenius wrote:

Some of you may not agree to this, but I hate my "classic" Legend of Zelda games.

Well, if you don't have any nostalgia towards those old NES games, I suppose its understandable.

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I'm just gonna count the ones I bought/redeemed on my 3DS, not the ones I transferred from my DSi (There were a ton of stinkers on there...)
Crashmo - I just don't like it nearly as much as Pushmo. Much less inspired feeling.
Pyramids - It was fun for a little bit.. got kinda boring
AeroPorter - Don't get me wrong, it's a good game. It just frustrates me to no end, and I regret buying it
Radar Mission - Got from Club Nintendo. Wish I saved my coins.



Conellossus wrote:

GuSilverFlame wrote:

Conellossus wrote:

All my 3D Classics purchases. Nintendo picked the WORST games to be released as 3D Classics...

I see you didn't download Kirby's adventure or Kid Icarus.

Actually, I have both. The only GOOD 3D Classic game is Kirby's Adventure. Everything else is poopy.

Even Xevious? =/


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"Witch and Hero" was a big disappointment for me. I have just seen the sweet trailer and I expected to much
It's not really bad but nothing more than average.

But my little half-brother loves it.
So the money was not spend for nothing.



I bought Kersploosh! when it came out. The title screen is awesome! That's about the only good thing I can say about the game...

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Ikachan. When I saw it I thought oh sweet, a new game from the cave story guy, it looks awesome. it was very fun and neat to play, and the visuals were good. and then all of a sudden it was over. even at the 3.99 or 4.99 price it was i felt totally ripped off. should've been .99 at the most. i then later found out that it was actually a short game he made while he was making cave story to give himself more experience.

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My worst purchase was an Art Academy game. I like art and I thought it could be cool and educational. But it only has like 5 lessons and they're brief and vague. The draw anything function it has wasn't any good either since it's drawing capabilities were just so so. Made more sense to just get a piece of paper to draw if I wasn't doing the lessons.



I understand why some would feel slighted by Ikachan on account of it's brevity and it's availability as freeware. But, for me, 5 bucks was totally worth having that game in my pocket to play anytime the mood hits me. Which it still does on occasion, even after finishing it repeatedly.

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Planet crashers. Wasted 10 bucks never played it for more than 5 minutes.
aura aura climber is probably my favorite $2 for hours of gameplay.

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ForeverIgnited wrote:

Tasuki wrote:

Well I have another one here, Warioland: Super Marioland 3. I just didn't find this game as enjoyable as the previous two Marioland games. Also I got to course 14 I think it is and the game wont let me continue. I beat the level but for some reason I cant go to the next course. Very disappointing game.

Really? I was planning on getting it.

I played it as a kid and its a very good experience in my opinion. Its definitively not a bad game and is a bigger beast than mario 1 or mario 2. Especially in graphics and game design. Also if you greedy for coins, this is the first greedy nintendo mario game made lol.

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Because the air physics do not match the original. That got me pissed. Jumping off a ramps with turbo doesn't give you the same amount of speed the original version is based on does, yet everything else is the same. BAD PROGRAMMING.

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ReindeerDasher wrote:

Hard pick between The Starship Damrey, Liberation Maiden and Rytmik Retrobits.

Rytmik retrobits takes practice dude, here a track I made with it:

Liberation Maiden is in a very impressive package but yeah it does get repetitive after a while.

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McFox wrote:

Mario Golf. A friend gave it to me from Club Nintendo. Three words. What. The. Hell.

Mario golf is a very fun game, I played when I was young.

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I never got the complaints about Liberation Maiden's length.

True, it's short, but it's clearly a score attack type of game, which are always pretty short/repetitive anyways. With it's three difficulty settings, high score system, and unlockable achievements, it's short length seems to be part of a deliberate design to encourage replays.

Also, it has like one of the best (if not THE best) bosses of any eShop title.

Back on topic, I'll say Picross e. It's not really a bad game, it's just that I prefer the puzzles where they penalize you for making a mistake, which only make up half of what's on offer.

I'd have preferred it if they let you choose your preferred rules on all the puzzles, Instead of forcing certain rules on you for certain puzzles.

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