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@Pokefanmum82 If you don't mind me asking, what's different about the Switch? Apart from the fact that it can also simulate a home console experience?



I think that 3DS will get plenty of support in 2017. So far most of the games that we know about are first-half of 2017 such as DQ VIII, Yoshi's Wooly World, Ever Oasis, Mario Sports Mix and Fire Emblem Echoes. However, Snack World, Fire Emblem Warriors, Pikmin 3DS and Monster Hunter Stories will probably all land in the holiday period. There may also be unannounced games that we will learn about later in the year. Nintendo seem to be keen on unveiling 3DS games fairly close to their release date these days. The new Shin Megami game and Etrian Odyssey 5 are good bets to show up at some point.

2018 may be a different story. I cannot see Nintendo developing much in the way of first party games beyond this year, but there will certainly be some third party games. WE won't know until we get there.

The fact is that the 3DS has a large install base and Pokémon Sun/Moon showed that the installed base is still fairly engaged. Nintendo will try and milk that until it stops being profitable. Eventually I expect that there will be a new handheld, but it will not be a new platform. Rather it will be a smaller form factor for the Switch. There is no way that Nintendo will ever go back to having two completely separate platforms to support.

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