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I do not play a ton of games anymore but have always been a fan of first party Nintendo games. Really enjoy the relaxation in their platformers, action in their Zelda games, and addictive nature of "catching 'em all". With that being said, I have narrowed my choices down to what I have heard are 3 amazing games.

Majora's mask - the differing forms of Link look really appealing to me (my parents thought golden eye was appropriate when I was a kid but not Zelda).

Fire Emblem Awakening - many people say this is in their top 3-5 games. The mechanics of the game sound interesting, but I have not ever played a strategy rpg (played the disgaea 3 demo and found it to be pretty good).

Pokémon moon - I think Moon's legendary looks cooler than Sun's. I also really enjoyed Pokémon X (I put nearly 100 hours in that game, which is a ton for me)

All in all, I am torn on which game to get, as I only want to get one right now. Thanks for your help Nintendo fans!



There's a demo for fire emblem if you want to try it out on the eshop. Awakening is a good place to start for new comers. This game isn't nearly as hard as past FE titles. If you like it I STRONGLY urge you to play the older ones too though they are a bit harder than awakening and there's no option to turn off permadeath. Too many people are missing the classics

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I second fire emblem. I must have put 100hrs into that game.

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I'd say grab the demos for Awakening and Sun/Moon and see how you feel about them and try to decide from there. I'd personally recommend Pokemon Moon though


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You have chosen three very different (but all great) games. I would go for the one which suits your favourite style (RPG/Strategy/Adventure). I would also add an extra lens to this - time. I'm guessing you would like to experience many older classics. With this in mind, I would recommend Majora's Mask. I've never played that Fire Emblem game, but Pokémon is a similar grind from game to game. If you've played one to death, that's probably all that's required. Majora's Mask, however, is very different in terms of tone and gameplay loop to its contemporaries.


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