Topic: what is your favorite mario game

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Galaxy 1&2 by quite a long way. I think they're both very close to perfect games. Maybe the only thing that's lacking is a bit more of a story.

After that, probably Super Mario World. Then maybe 3D World. That didn't get the admiration it deserved I think.

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Super Mario 64.



Super Mario Sunshine was always my favourite Mario game as a kid. I still have the original game cube disc.
It has such a feel good vibe. Sun and beaches ūü§©



Super Mario World (SNES/New 3DS) to me is the best as of course it was my first game of Mario, then later went back to the originals with Mario 3 coming in second place.


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I think you gotta split it into 2D and 3D, since they're so different.

For 2D, Super Mario Brothers 3 is the unstoppable champion.

For 3D, Super Mario 64 is the undisputed king of hell.

But honorable mention to Super Mario World and Super Mario Odyssey.

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Do you guys think its true that Nintendo will re-release all of the Mario games on Switch? I really hope so as I want to play them all - I'm a latecomer to Mario games and only started to play them in the last 2 years.

My faves so far are:

1. Odyssey
2. Mario Maker 2
3. Super Mario Bros u. Deluxe


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