Topic: What happened to Monster Tale remake?

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Hey guys,

Just getting a general feel of if anyone has heard anything about Monster Tale, a game originally made for the DS. I know there was an article (I want to say earlier this year in March/April) where we had heard there was going to be a remake of this game with some things streamlined and other things added to the main game.

This game was definitely a top 5 for me and probably one of the most anticipated titles I'm hoping to see brought to 3DS. I think it would make the 3DS the best system I've had on top of all the other great Etrian, Pokemon and Bravely games I've really come to enjoy.




They've been notoriously silent about it. It was "coming soon" according to a magazine article (in this day & age?!) back in February. Unless they pulled a Koei and stealth released it without any warning or fanfare, then its safe to say that plans fell through somewhere. The details are still unknown, seeing as I can barely find these guys. No seriously, I even checked wikipedia for their "official site", and well...seriously, just look:

It's a random blog that has literally nothing to do with the game. It even says so. I thought Wikipedia was supposed to check for that? I mean, it says "Monster Tale dev blog" and yet there are no other references to the game that I could find. Wow.

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Thank you for that update, I appreciate it. Too bad, this game was very awesome.



Was just thinking about this game and wondering what's become of it. Really looking forward to the 3D version but maybe it's hit a snag ...


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