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@GreenTea Nocturne's alignments are also more interesting because they're not the standard law/chaos/neutral ones. I mean, one of them is sort of like chaos in its embrace of social darwinism, but otherwise they're most distinct and interesting philosophies, which is a nice break from 'hug god/hug devil/slap god and devil' every entry. Nocturne also has a few really interesting endings, one of which requires quite a bit of work to unlock, but is deservedly memorable and famous when you eventually get to it.

In every other respect, though, I prefer IV/IV:A/V.

Don't get me wrong: I LOVE Meguro's work on Persona 5. And in previous games to a lesser extent (although his remade soundtrack for the PSP release of Persona 1 kinda spoiled the atmosphere of that game; it's like literally everything he does needs to be funky now, which detracts from a game like P1 which has more of a creepy/horror vibe to it). But it's such a shame people dismiss Kozuka's incredible compositions.

And yes, SMT V's soundtrack is top tier. Not as top tier as IV, but still consistently great.

I'll freely admit I'm not a huge fan of Meguro's work on Nocturne, though. Particularly the vocal tracks, which, even in the remake, sort of sound like you're hearing them through a bathroom wall.

While we're on the subject of Atlus composers, though, have you ever played any of the Etrian Odyssey games? If not, at least check out the soundtracks, which were all done by famous composer Yuzo Koshiro.

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'hug god/hug devil/slap god and devil'

@Ralizah Perfect summary

I heard that III is pretty light on story, so it's kind of a shame if the alignements are more philosophically varied in this entry and not another. Also before you ask, yes I do hear voices . And I think I've only listened to the main battle theme of III, but I do remember it being overwhelmingly edgy, in a good-but-kinda-terrible sort of way. Could easily become grating after a while, so, paired with random encounters... Yeah, that's gonna be interesting to play, to say the least.

V just seems to have this... vibe... about it all, and I absolutely can't wait to get to it. The music I heard sounded unbelievably good

I really hope SMT gets its own hit game at some point. Like, Persona 5 levels of fame. That way, Kozuka can get his time in the spotlight! It's really sad how SMT just seems to be doomed to live in Persona's shadow, even if it manages to be just as interesting and unique as the latter. Even if V is the franchise's biggest success, it's still pretty lukewarm in comparison to P5, it's kind of crazy. I guess anime really does sell well

Etrian Odyssey is also one of those jrpg series that seems really cool but that I have no idea of whether I'll have the time to play it. I almost picked up Etrian Untold 2 when it was on sale for the last time (so far🤞), and I feel so dumb for not picking it up.

I checked Yuzo Koshiro's resume and I'm proud to say I've played... none of these games. So a lot of new stuff to me. The songs you linked do sound pretty great though, I'll give the soundtracks a listen if I don't end up playing the games.

Speaking of which, if I buy one of the Etrian Odysseys before they're literally gone forever apparently (I hate this haha), which one do you recommend, as like, the ultimate Etrian Odyssey to end all Odysseys? Honestly the biggest draw to the series for me is the fact that you can draw out the map on the touch screen, that sounds like something that can't be quite replicated on modern consoles, or even emulation. Also the music too, I like cool music.

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@ComfyAko I bought this game too hant started yet as trying finish detective Pikachu. Have you seen the TV series? It was on Netflix in UK . Really good how I come across the game. I've bought games played a hour thought this bad then played some more and thought it ok . Hopefully it gets better for you. Try finding TV show if hant seen it



@GreenTea agree with green tea defientley physical all the way. No youtube collector but like my games physical only keep what I replay. Plus in years to come go up in value not that iam keeping them for a profit. Pass them onto my kids if get to 60 n lose interest in video games



@Bluesaxo Yeah I'll definitely give it another chance, maybe the game hasn't unveiled all the mechanics yet. Haven't seen the show, but I'll keep an eye on it, once I finish my tv backlog

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I intend to (yet probably won't) finish off Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright this year which I briefly started yet never completed despite liking both series as I think a couple of big games came out around that time which distracted me.

I also wouldn't mind replaying Ever Oasis, Codename S.T.E.A.M., Fire Emblem Fates (I'm pretty sure I didn't do one of the routes) and SMT 4 Apocalypse one day too but with my Steam and Switch backlog starting to build up and just looking at the games on my Switch homepage there's 5 games (Fire Emblem Engage, Mario + Rabbids 2, Bayonetta 3, Persona 3, Pokémon Violet) I've barely touched that would normally be day one binges so I may keep putting off my 3DS games.

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I got Cave Story because it's $20 cheaper on 3DS rather than Switch.



I'm currently playing the following 3 games:

  • Jake Hunter Detective Story: Ghost of the Dusk
  • Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

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Currently? Fire Emblem: Fates and Advance Wars: Dark Conflict.


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@GreenTea I mean, at the end of the day, the alignments only really matter for the ending you're going for, and unless you're going for the True Demon Ending, the only difference is a 5-ish minute sequence at the very end. I just appreciated them putting a little more thought into the ideologies in this entry.

Nocturne is rough compared to IV/IV:A/V, and does sometimes border on being plotless, but it does have this edgy arthouse horror vibe to it that I like. And, of course, it introduced the press-turn combat system to the series, which is the foundation for modern combat in most other modern MegaTen games.

SMT V might be even more plotless than SMT III, to be honest. Or, more appropriately, there's less plot development overall, even though it has the structure of a game that should have a substantive plot. They were going for that Nocturne vibe, but the big difference is that Nocturne's plotlessness works out better because so much of the game is spent slowly piecing together what happened to the world, whereas you know fairly quickly what's happening in SMT V.

It's a shame because, in many respects, it really is a brilliant game. Crucially, it's the first and, thus far, only game they've made that doesn't feel like it's stuck in PS2-era game design. It's a very modern feeling MegaTen in terms of the scope of its environments, its environmental interactivity, and some of the cool setpieces these factors enable. The difficulty is also pretty accessible, and hard mode is a good challenge without feeling cheap. And the music is creepy and brilliant. It also has some of the best side-quests in the series. Actually, a lot of side-quest content feels like it would have main story content in another game, so it's a much more satisfying experience if you do everything and explore thoroughly.

I do think SMT V essentially perfected the moment-to-moment of the gameplay, to such a degree that I just lost countless hours when I was playing it. With a better story, it'd be a good candidate for best entry in the series, or at least second best.

I do wish SMT V had kicked off more than it did. It did end up creeping over a million copies sold, which is nothing compared to any of the modern Persona games. RPGs are so popular on Switch, and Nintendo pushed the game so hard at its events that I'm inclined to say a million copies means it wasn't a failure, and nothing more.

Atlus has gradually made their hardcore series like SMT and Etrian Odyssey more accessible over the years, but the reception for the Soulsborne games show that might have been a mistake. There is definitely a sizeable niche of people who gravitate toward games that market themselves as being hard-as-nails.

With that said, Persona's humor, striking sense of style, and attractive anime people immediately make it more appealing in terms of its potential mass appeal.

I'll stick by my long held position that Etrian Odyssey IV is the single best game to play in the series if you're only gonna experience one of them. It's accessible (but still challenging if you play on a harder difficulty, which I'd recommend), has one of the best OSTs in the series, and evolved the traditional series gameplay with overworld exploration. All of these games are brilliant, but I definitely think it's the best entry point into the series.

Barring that, Etrian Odyssey Untold 2 is good as well, and while the addition of a story mode is anathema to a lot of us classic players, it might be more comfortable to play a version of the game that has pre-designed characters and plot beats. Because traditional Etrian Odyssey games are about as close as you can come to plotless with an RPG. They were designed to evoke memories of classic CRPGs like Wizardry, after all. The focus of the mainline releases was 100% on the awe, terror, and mystery of exploring labyrinths, becoming stronger, and gradually pushing yourself deeper into places humans were never meant to go. The focus on drawing maps added to this, as it was generally on you to find short-cuts, write notes about locations you want to return to, etc. You built your own party of explorers, which meant that there wasn't any inter-party dialogue or character development. Story mode, introduced in the Untold remakes of the first two games, has the traditional gameplay, but gives you a defined party of adventurers, cutscenes, character development, etc. It's not how I enjoy playing the games, but thankfully the Untold games also give you the option of playing them in a more traditional fashion, which I appreciate.

Come to think of it, SMT V's director also directed several of the Etrian Odyssey games. That actually... explains quite a bit about that game's approach to storytelling.

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Been playing Kirby: Planet Robobot for the first time, and it's such a fantastic game. Honestly, I think I like it quite a bit more than Return to Dream Land and Triple Deluxe. The mechs that Kirby can pilot are so much fun to use. I'm not done with the game just yet, but I have been getting all the Code Cubes up to the point where I'm at now.

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-Rayman 3D (never beat Rayman 2 on other platforms, trying to finish it this time)
-Animal Crossing. New Leaf (Hard to get back into it after New Horizons. Few things were better before, but NH did improve A LOT.)
-Code of Princess (The animation intrigued me).



Tales of the Abyss. Now that is one traditional JRPG - and I’m fine with it. Still very early on, and I’m only chipping away at it, but I like the story and characters, and the voice acting is really decent.

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Chapapa wrote:

-Code of Princess (The animation intrigued me).

That's oddly brought a flood of non-memories to me. I remember buying Code Of Princess as it had the Atlus name on it plus it was dirt cheap in a sale, waiting for it to download, physically holding my 3DS in my hands as I played it on the morning commute on the tube but I remember literally nothing good or bad about the game itself.

Nicolai wrote:

Alright, I gotta stop getting into arguments with jump. Someone remind me next time.

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Code of Princess was one of the earliest 3DS games I bought I'm pretty sure.

It's a bizarrely slow beat em up game, and I think was mostly comedic. I couldn't tell you a third thing about it other then I dropped it after not too long.

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Yokai Watch 3 Tempura.
After I heard the using of Lie-In or Draggie Soulcery souls (which means I have to sacrifice them into soul orbs) will give you extra EXP points (more leveled up, more EXP bonus points), I tried to hunt either Lie-In or Draggie in Yokai Watch 3.
But the problem was they are pretty hard to get as the chance for them to appear was really small. They are low rank Yokai (Rank E and D) but they have independent supportive ability EXP plus if I bring them in my team.
More of them in my team especially Lie-In which can equip 2 accessories, more EXP points I can get after battle.
Man... It sounds easy to plan but finding them suddenly felt as hard as very rare high rank Yokai.
I need to get at least 5 Lie-In for my team and another 10 Lie-In to be sacrificed into Soulcery souls which I have to upgrade them into level 10.
By bring them of five with 2 Lie-In souls level 10, I could level up my specific Yokai really quick.

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