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Just purchased a new 3ds Super Mario land Bundle a few days ago and am loving it . Really would like to get one of the new 3ds Xl Galaxy editions for the bigger screens and design . Does anyone else own and game on both models ( regular 3ds and 3ds Xl ), using one for certain games and the other for different games ? Maybe as an example Xenoblade Chronicles or other RPGS on the Xl with the bigger screens?

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I have a 2ds and a n3dsxl.

As you might guess, the xl is my main console where I have most of my digital content, but I have also spent some digital money on the 2ds. Mostly for small apps and games I must have on both. Even then, the 2ds is mostly used for ds games.

Unless you really must have both consoles, I'd say just one should be enough... But, well, it's your money.


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I am sure everything will be just fine on the new 3ds as far as that goes. I just think there could be some merit for games bigger in scope like Xenoblade or maybe Zelda games or something like Resident Evil. I am just coming into the 3ds life cycle way on the back end , and there are a large number of games that I will be grabbing to play. I feel like both models could see a lot of use . I seem to be using my home console a lot less as time goes on , only playing the few big titles I really get excited for .



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