Topic: UK Retailer GAME says that Pokemon Crystal is coming to the 3ds VC

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If true, this would be the first full-fledged Pokemon game that I've bought on the VC; my Crystal cartridge still works, but it will no longer save. I haven't had a need to pick up any of the other Gen 1 or 2 entries up to this point since my other original cartridges still work/save.

Crystal was probably my favorite "third" version back in the day, though the lack of Mareep still baffles me. I had to make do with Magnemite/Magneton instead whenever I didn't get an Elekid.

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I think that seems reasonable, Nintendo aren't abandoning the 3DS yet so some announcements like this will help continue showing support.


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Damn just after i sell my 3DS oh well i'm with the Switch hopefully they bring some classic Nintendo games to it already



I'd be more excited to see the last wave of Sega 3D Classics releases.


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