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For Mii Plaza, whenever I meet someone the persons says their birth date, what the last game they played was, where they are from, etc. Is there anyway to turn off sharing this information and just share your Mii, or do you HAVE to share that information, and the only way to not share is to turn off sharing Miis or turn off Streetpass for Mii Plaza?



Pretty sure if you look on your miiverse profile you can change the security settings, such as the information that gets shared.

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The only thing you can "turn off" is where you are from, but it will still say what country you're from. You can do this in System Settings.

You can also disable Streetpass for Mii Plaza in System Settings as well.

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I know I can turn off StreetPass for individual titles. What I wanted to know was if it is possible to still share Miis while not sharing personal information. I've checked the Manual for both Mii Plaza and Mii Maker and neither has any information.



Should be able to remove birth date if you go to your Mii that you are using and remove the birthday info, but that might effect games you play that use that mii.

for other info like liking cats/dogs ect you can remove some of that but once you select if cat or dog is better you can't remove that part.




Well, I guess you can't stop from sharing the information. I've read the manual for Mii Maker or Mii Plaza, and neither of them have any information on how to turn off sharing.



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