Topic: Transfering data from Digital to Cartidge, is it possible ?

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I have Fire Emblem: Fates Birthright with the Revelation expansion and all the DLC on a digital copy. I would like to switch to a physical, cartridge copy of he game.

I was wondering if it was possible to buy the Birthright cartridge and transfer everything on it (DLC, save, expension) ?

I saw the data transfer tool, but it clearly says on the website that it can't transfer from digital to physical.

Is there a way, of will i need to do everything all over again and buy all the DLC for it again ?



Not without the sort of questionable activities ("hacking") I don't think we're allowed to discuss here.



Nope, Nintendo only officially allows transferring save data from physical to digital

However, dlc works on a per account basis, so if you get a physical version of the same game, it will recognize the dlc as long as you play it on the same system.

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