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My 2DS was displaying a cracked screen with different colored segments, so I got a 3DS XL, but I can't transfer the games I downloaded. Plz reply if u have any ideas



If the games aren't on the new system after you've done the system transfer, then you should be able to just download them again from the eStore for free. It's a hassle, but it works. You might lose save game data though.



thx, but I need the 2DS to work 2 do the system transfor



Is your 2DS still working? If it isn't, you may have to call Nintendo's customer service for help.

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If it's only a cracked touch screen, try to check if the touch still works.

If it does, then you may be able to navigate your way through the menus using a video or image as a guide.


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It's also relatively easy to replace the touchscreen or display screen too (you don't actually say which screen is cracked) - I've replaced both screens before (3DS and 2DS). They are available for just a few bucks/pounds/euros. Or you can contact Nintendo who can give you a quote.



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