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I did search. Saw several transfer threads, but I think my case may be different.

As title says, I have 2 N3DS systems. Both are mine. I'll refer to them as N3DS1 and N3DS2 in hopes of not confusing people.

N3DS1 is my current main system. It has my NNID, eShop stuff, what I play games on, etc. N3DS2 has no NNID, but does have a Mii that I streetpass with.

N3DS1 has an upgraded micro SD card (can't recall the size, but bigger than the standard). N3DS2 has the default micro SD card.

Is it possible to transfer N3DS1 to the N3DS2 system and just swap the micro SD cards, without losing anything? As in... I want to swap my main N3DS with the 2nd system. I know NNID data is linked to a system. My N3DS2 has no NNID. Read that the Mii and streetpass data are saved on the micro SD card, so if this is true, it makes me think I can swap the micro SD card out and have that Mii and streetpass data up on another system...?

I did read in another thread that to "trade" systems with someone you'd need 3 weeks and 3 systems, to cycle the system transfers around. A 3rd system being blank. Would this still be the case in my situation?



Hate to bump my own thread, but 5 days and 100+ views without a reply? Nobody knows if it's possible to transfer the user settings/data from a N3DS with a NNID to a system without a NNID, yet some how keep the streetpass data on the with no NNID and have it put on the former one that used to have the data of the one with a NNID?



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