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Since nobody going to bring up the game i might as well be the first. The game is an rpg by level 5. Also the game is coming to the 3DS so its not dead and there is 2 trailers out for it. So what is your thoughts about this?

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I'm really interested in this game. I bought Fantasy Life out of curiosity and it turned to be my favorite 3DS game ever. Then they announced FL2... for mobile only, and it was a letdown. I know TSW won't be the same, but so far it got my attention and coming from the same developer I have high hopes. Also love the NFC keychains concept, but it remains to see how useful they are or how expensive. And well, who knows when -and if- it comes to the west (though why would they bother with the English dubbed trailer if not?).

We could find out more in just a month:



...okay, show of hands: How many people actually went into this thread for the actual game, and not just to talk about snacks and/or a hypothetical chain of snack vendors?

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so I guess on July, 27 we'll receive more details about the game



Level-5's Vision 2016 -New Heroes- in less than 15 hours now:

[EDIT: stream video was removed, here's the new trailer from it]

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We know so little about this. Is it essentially another Fantasy Life type thing?

I like that the 3DS is still gonna be relevant into 2017.

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I won't really get excited about this game until I know more about how it plays. The animation style looks great but I am concerned that it will be a watered down RPG to appeal to the mobile gaming crowd.


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