Topic: Super mario maker doesn't update.

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So, i bought a 3ds recently and i bought mario maker as well. But, it keeps telling me that the game isn't fully up to date, and before starting up the game, the game tells me that i should update it. Then, when i press update, it says that it has been succesfully updated. Then, when i try to open the game, it keeps telling me that i have to update it, eventhough i just did that.

There are 2 things i have tried.

1. download it from the e-store, which dind't solve the problem.

2. I changed my DNS to and which dind't help neither.

i really hope you guys can help me out with this. it's really annoying not being able to play a game that i just bought.



Idk but i wouldnt a bought it digital for starters
You can call Nintendo amd demand a refund


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