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So I was browsing a map of Nintendo Zones and I saw that Hilton hotels have AT&T wifi, which means that they function as streetpass relays. And since they're so big, each location has multiple relays. I stayed at a Hilton once and I was able to get dozens of tags. Now I'm wondering if it's a good idea to get streetpasses at a hotel without actually staying at one.

Now I'm not trying to sneak in or anything, I'm thinking that I should stand outside in the parking lot or maybe go inside the lobby and use the bathroom or something. The thing is, I'm not sure whether that would be considered trespassing or not. I'm kind of obsessed with streetpass, so I've spent a lot of times loitering outside or sometimes inside Nintendo Zones to get more tags (I used to hang around inside Home Depot and Best Buy a lot before the relays there stopped working) and I've never run into any trouble. I've had employees ask me if I needed help but nobody has kicked me out or anything. A few days ago I went to a nearby hotel and I was able to get quite a few tags by standing in the parking lot, but I still felt a bit weird hanging around private property. Another thing is that I'm a black teenage male so I'm worried that someone might assume that I'm up to no good which could lead to me getting kicked out or having the police called on me.

Has anyone here have any experiences with hanging around hotels to get more streetpasses? Is it a good idea or is it trespassing? Would I be OK standing in the parking lot or the lobby or is that illegal? And what if the same employee sees me multiple times on different days and gets suspicious? Could that get me in trouble? Any advice is very much appreciated.

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Well it is private property, so that may not be the best idea. You could just stay in a car for a few minutes.

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Just don't go and creep around on a regular basis. Things like staying in the parking lot or going to the bathrooms start to look suspicious after a while.

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If you are that worried that someone might call the police on you then my suggestion is don't do it. There are plenty of other places you can go for street passes like shopping malls, Starbucks etc.

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Streetpass is still a thing?

And people actually care about Streetpass?


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Nintendo switched off all their relay points in the UK, except at GAME. I used to get loads walking past cafes, in my local supermarkets or at McDonalds. Now I'm lucky if I get one hit a month

Have they not done the same in other countries?



The only place to get them in Canada anymore is airports, which I haven't been in since I was a teenager.

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I am really REALLY late to the 3DS game. Just got first one a few weeks ago. I took it with me to Disneyland. It was really cool when I opened it up I was notified that I had a few hits with several of my games.. I really hope it doesn't die down...


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