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I just thought it would be fun to share our thoughts on what series we want to see on 3DS.

For me personally the one(realistic) series I'd like to see on 3DS is Advance Wars,I'm actually surprised this hasn't happened yet,The DS and GBA games was amazing.
I think the main factor may be how well the Fire Emblem series has been received lately by both critics and consumers moving Intelligent Systems focus off AW a bit.
Also even though I'm sure Federation Force is gonna surprise alot of people and actually be good,I'd love a new 2D Metroid.

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With the NX on the horizon, it seems a bit too late for this. But for the sake of discussion, 2D Metroid and Wario.


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I'd like Nintendo to finish up Golden Sun. The third game ended in a cliffhanger.

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Series not done on the 3DS that I'd like to see:
2D Metroid. I'd also be happy with more 2D platformers, another DKC for example. If they moved a version of Super Mario Maker to the 3DS? Even if it was just a "play levels" thing. That'd also be cool. That's the sort of thing I want my 3DS to get in its dying days.

Series I'd rather wait for the next portable:
More visually intense games. I wouldn't at all mind a portable Splatoon or Pikmin. If they're going to do a 3D rather than a 2D Metroid? I'd also rather they'd wait for the next thing. Same deal with F-Zero if they were to revive that for a portable. I'd rather they skip the 3DS and bring me something great for the next thing.

Series I'd be happy to see on mobile:
Advance Wars.....

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What I'd like to see (some have already been mentioned):

-A new Wario platformer. WarioWare is great, but I'd like to go on another adventure with our greedy anti-plumber.
-New 2D Metroid. I'm playing through Fusion right now and would like to see another game like this.
-Wouldn't mind seeing another Mega Man game, preferably another Star Force game, or else a revival of Legends 3.
-Would it kill them to localize Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode? I enjoyed both Digimon World DS and Digimon World Dusk.

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I would say Rhythm Heaven, but that already happened.
Guess my next choice would be Advance Wars.

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Advance Wars because I never played or gotten into the series.
Wario for obvious reasons.
Golden Sun.
Game and Watch......cause why not? It showed up on DSi....Nintendo can easily do a small list of short games like how they did rusty's real deal baseball.
Another Mario Spinoff that comes in mind.....and that's pretty much what I think should happen.

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Actually, AW would be a good fit for mobile. I'd love to see it on 3DS, but I wonder if Nintendo is planning to launch it for smartphones.

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We're in a transition period. Some of the games I would have wanted on the 3DS at launch I'd now rather see in other places. Some content I'd be happy to still see on 3DS. Some content I'd be disappointed if it was on the 3DS if there's a new portable coming out soon. Other stuff would work better on mobile.

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