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I just want to transfer my missing no. from Red to AS.

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@Late: The Pokemon data format changed way too significantly when Ruby/Sapphire were introduced. The amount of work that would be required to program Bank to calculate what the different values for everything are (IVs, EVs, etc) would be way too much work.

At best you might see Gen 1 and 2 put on the eShop with local wireless for trading/battling.

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MegaBeedrill wrote:

I just want to transfer my missing no. from Red to AS.

You might just end up with a gen2 Pokémon instead.



@IceClimbers: It is a bit of a problem but nothing that can't be solved. The good thing about programming is that once you have solved the problem and have the algorithm, you can use it as much as you want. I'd say IV calculation would still be easy to do if there were no natures but since natures come in to play, there's a need to assign a nature to a Pokémon and that might change the stats.Effort Values should be pretty easy to calculate since max per stat in Gen 1 & 2 is 25600 and in Gen 3 onwards it is 255. You can get pretty close just by dividing with 100. I'm not sure if the total amount of EV possible on one Pokémon is the same though (510). And before anyone else says otherwise, I know they won't make it happen.

They did put some effort in trading between Gen 1 and 2 though since it has to calculate new stats, items, etc. and check if the Pokémon is available in both generations and if it has moves that cannot be learned when trading from Gen 2 to 1.


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