Topic: Pokemon US/UM least hyped Pokemon games?

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Since all the bases have already been covered (@Buizel pretty much nailed all I was going to say about this), I'd like to mention another factor: technology.

The prospect of an all-new Pokémon game for Switch is on the horizon already. The 3DS is ancient tech by todays standards and, while the original Sun and Moon were quite a leap forward in terms of modernizing its presentation, the series still preserves some annoying "90s RPG" design stuff. I'm talking about things like the lack of voice-acting, how static the overworld is, the reliance on random encounters, the expressionless protagonist and such. Ultra Sun and Moon won't change any of that, but maybe (hopefully) the Switch title will.


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yeah well the Switch title probably is not coming out until probably late 2018, 2019 at the latest. I cannot wait that long to get my Pokemon fix and I know plenty of people who are excited for these games. I am not saying everyone has to get these games....I can only speak for myself but I am going to play the heck out of these games because despite having a Switch, I do not really care to play it. I love my 3DS and that will be my go to system for a long time, even when it is no longer supported.

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