Topic: Please can u help me decide what game i should get.

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I've never played a 3d zelda so which one should i get mm or oot i've heard they're both amazing. Both being prised as god games amongst all other and (apparently)"ANY THAT DARE DISAGREE WILL BE SMITED AND SENT TO THE TENTH RING OF HELL". So it sounds good with oot being more player friendly while mm is more unique.
But, i LOVED link between worlds(which is so good i spell the whole name) so i want to get zelda 1, awaking and oracle of seasons. I heard these (at less the first) is savage which i love as a rouge like gamer while all of these games have good, fun, challenging puzzles which pleases my puzzle solver side.
I was going to get tp but i'm going on holiday soon soooooo i kinda want to play on the game i get(funnily enough).
But if you read all of this have a good time, thanks for your time and please(if your going to respond) tell me how your day was, i hope i was good.

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....You do realize the first thread on this forum is a recommendations thread...right?

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