Topic: New n 3Ds or new n 3ds xl??

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I wonder if i should by new nintendo 3ds or new nintendo 3ds xl to my son at 6 years old.
Suggestion? Is there any other diferences but the size?



the size, the price and the fact with the smaller one you can change the cover plates are the only real differences between the systems. My daughter, my 4 year old son and I prefer the smaller size whereas my 9 year old loves his XL. It comes down to personal preference and it might be easier for him to hold the smaller one.

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I'd pitch in more if I were you and get the new 3DSXL, I do believe they have it in the galaxy version now which is super cool, anyway my hubby just recently got me the new 3ds xl black version and I absolutely love it.

The bigger one has a bigger screen so it's easier to see what's going on, and correct me if I'm wrong but they may have a longer battery life too?

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