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Hey, I just created this account to ask for some help...

I bought this 3DS last week, my second handheld, first one being the GBA way... back when.
I've been enjoying it immensely but there is a pretty significant problem. I've noticed that the Wireless was very spotty, I thought it was due to some sort of interference and I'd have to live with it. It worked reliably enough for downloading updates and digital games, but its a nightmare to play online due to constant signal loss while playing.
I just noticed though, and tested it about 20 times to make sure, and it worked everytime without fail.
If I place my right hand over a specific place on the back of my 3DS the wireless signal just dies, taking it off turns it back on.

I googled quite a bit and found some complaining about spotty wireless but nothing about this very specific and bizarre problem.
I don't expect to find any solutions, just want to know if I'm alone in this.

Edit: After a while (the time that it took to write the original post) I tried to replicate it and was unable to.
The only difference is that when the problem was occurring I had just taken a really hot shower and my hands were really hot.
Maybe the wireless card is incredibly sensitive to temperature?

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