Topic: N3dsxl Screen Flickering Power save mode?

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Hey all

Im having an issue again sigh i noticed i turned the auto brightness off so its not that but when i turn on power save mode my sceen seems to flicker ? But when i turn it off its gone is this normal??? I thought only auto brightness would adjust the screen making it look like flicker but thats off just the power mode is on

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You might wanna try asking Nintendo about this. I'm not entirely sure what your case is here.

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i exchanged it at the store this one also dims and flicker every couple secs in power save mode so im guessing its normal unless both were defect doubt it



Power save lowers the brightness of the screen when the image on the screen is dark.

So, if you're in a dark room in your game or hit a black loading screen, the brightness of the screen will go down.

Sometimes, this leads to noticeable flickering when things vary from dark to bright in your games.


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I've never noticed this issue except with auto brightness, but I suppose it is feasible if the lighting isn't consistent.

Idk. I'd just turn it off.

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Jesus is Lord.


@Meowpheel i was playing in a lit room tho and yeah while i play i notice it like every 5 seconds or so youll see it dim and stuff and brighten etc which makes it look like a slight flicker i asume this is just power save mode? so my handheld is not defect?



forgot to mention i exchanged my handheld for other reasons and on this one it does it as well in power save mode so i guess its normal? unless i had 2 hand held that were defect doubt it tho right?



Ok ive decided to keep my TN system
because i went thru 6 of them and only one being IPS also from different stores so they are pretty rare now.
You will find it if you keep exchanging but most likely youll get TN not happy with this since the first one i had was IPS but had other defects so i exchanged it.
I paid the same amount and ended with TN im kinda mad about it but i dont feel like going thru another 3-4 handhelds its just really shady of nintendo.
Besides of the longer life does TN have any other pro's that ips doesnt?
so i can make my self feel better or is just complete trash
i keep hearing its night and day personally i dont see it then again i cant compare side by side i only had ips returned it ended with tn onlything i can see is angle differences slight less colors.. but isnt tn lowest of the low cheapest of the cheap?
thats what bothers me

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