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Owning anything other than a 3ds is a hassle. Emulating on your own is a hassle. I would love to be able to purchase pokemon games from the Eshop but it's pretty limited. I bought Red but I wanted to buy Gold and FireRed but was shocked when I saw hardly and pokemon games in the shop. Considering all the Pokemon Go hype I would have thought the 3DS was a prime spot to play ANY of the old games.



The first gen games Red, Blue and Yellow were only released for the 3DS Virtual Console quite recently, so it'll be a while for the 2nd gen games to emerge, if Nintendo even decides to do this.

There's no GBA or DS games at all available to buy on the 3DS eshop, so it's very unlikely that we'll see 3rd to 5th gen games available there.

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I don't wanna, too lazy.

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I'm surprised they haven't done Gold, Silver and Crystal yet.

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"I wanna play more games, but i'm too lazy to do anything to play those games"

Yeah...use caution; you're right on the edge of a Zoidberging ...

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@the_shpydar Well it's also illegal to download an emulate games unless you own the game right? I dont own any of those games now. Guess I should just buy a GBA


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