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Hello Nlifers im back
My nlife experience started since i got my first O3ds back then and its a neat 3ds source forum! Since i got busy with life i took some break but now are holidays and i got a bunch of new games for my N3ds xl!
Now i tried mpfd for 2 hours and wanted to comment on it shortly:
Controller schemes are very dissapointing:
for gyro
-Gyro aiming is too slow
-Stick moves char AND arm canon move ⇒ wonky lose 3d effect
-Have to push shoulder R constantly to gyro aim

-Jumping is too low and slow
no morph ball to speed run levels

Ccp pro controls:
-ZR and ZL very uncomfortable to use

-Shoulder L and ZL are a mess with jump and lock aim cycling
X weapon swamp not good position
-Ccp pro numb stick kinda wonky, slow and unprecise

Biggest problem of all:
All those controls are forced on you like ur a little toddler!
Dont get me wrong i love my N3ds XL and shooter games like RE revelations run brilliantly on it! The problem here is Mpff has zero customization: Why cant i use my touchscreen to aim like in MP:hunters? why cant i change the sensitivity of gyro/circle pad/ circle padnpro numb? why cant i remap buttons however i like for example analog cross to move or X/Y to jump/shoot? why cant i invert gyro aiming or make its "start moving" box smaller or bigger?

I mean im a big metroid fan and i loved mp trilogy and hunters, but fed force is just super weird!

Ok lets take the subpar controls as granted and the 2party company which made this game are new to game dev or "apprentices" the biggest shock was when i saw i found 0 online servers !
And that on a halloween weekend and with a recent new game! 0_0

I mean sorry this seems to be an crazy rant and maybe the experience gets better when i get to exciting final bosses, find finally a coop party cause solo play is boring and i "trained" aiming with this terrible control scheme!

Sry NLifers i just had to vent a little after the terrible subpar experience i had with terraria before. Its just see so super sad to see the 3ds fall so low i mean 2013 and 2011 where such epic years for 3ds owners, but i got the feeling 2016 is really bad and we basically only get half broken shovelware until the nintendo switch finally arrives!

PS: is amiibo for mpff worth it?

Honestly now im really terrifyed to buy any more 3ds games because either: they got terrible controls, sub par story, dead online communities, overpriced shovelware, or buggy mess which crash constantly.

Im genuinelly shocked. Anyway pls help to smoothen the pain. Sorry for rant and pls give tips how to find online servers in mpff and GOOD new 3ds games lol
Sad halloween gamin

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