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For a while now, my 3ds charger can wiggle side to side in the port because my dumb dog would ram into the charger wire. It surprisingly charges fine and never stops even when wiggling it. Is there any way to fix this? I am going to be taking apart my 3ds to replace the speakers in it soon, so maybe I can acces the port then, if needed.

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If any connection becomes so loose that something wiggles it will eventually break the port (likely to come away from the pcb) - making it unusable. I'd definitely recommend getting it repaired.



There's a guide, but it says its in progress, though. And I agree with zitpig, if it continues to wiggle you could break the port and cause harm to the charger, and from experience with other devices (a laptop and an ipad), it is not fun when you end up with the charger port/the charger connector in your hand.

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